Festival of Fantasy Parade – “New” 3 O’clock Walt Disney World Parade

Just a quick post and a couple of article suggestions to share about the new parade in Walt Disney World.


Most of you may already know, but for the first time in over a dozen years, Walt Disney World has a new afternoon parade. “Festival of Fantasy” debuted on Sunday to large crowds and many members of the media. The parade consisted of new costumes, music, and over 100 performers. Disney also upgraded it’s parade sound system creating more “Zones” along the parade route, stating that it’s now one of the best parade sound systems in the industry.

The new parade seemed to have a generally good reception. I think that a lot of Disney fans are just happy that Disney World finally has a new parade, regardless of what it is. I watched the event live via streaming media on the web (Thanks to the live coverage provided by http://www.wdwinfo.com) and overall, I thought that some of the floats/units were good, while others were just kind of a confusing conglomerate of characters. I did enjoy seeing the new parade and the changes they have made. It was great to see new floats coming down Main Street.

Apparently they had taken several different float designers, and picked their favorite designs to include in the parade. They also taken two of the floats from “Jubilee”, a Tokyo Disney parade that was also just replaced, to make up 2 of the 8 units in the parade. In my opinion, this caused the parade to appear somewhat of a patchwork, and less of a cohesive design with a theme running consistently through the entire parade. Also, I have seen images of scrape marks on the ground after the Liberty Square Bridge, suggesting that due to a design flaw on some of the floats, they actually bottoming out after the bridge.

It seems that the favorite unit for most, myself included, was the fire breathing, steampunk inspired, Maleficent Dragon unit. It including thorn themed stilt walkers, raven costumed performers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather gliding down the parade route and Prince Philip there to fight the 26 foot tall, 53 foot long dragon.

You can certainly judge the new parade for yourself. With the number of Disney Bloggers present, Websites, and YouTube there is more than enough coverage online after only a handful of parade performances. However, I like the coverage provided by Ricky Brigante on his site www.insidethemagic.net Ricky does a great job of covering all kinds of entertainment industry related subjects, not just Disney stuff.

He actually has 2 recent articles posted about the parade. The first can be found at the link below and is a great general overview from his initial visit to the premier performance on Sunday:


Secondly, Ricky goes back again, and gets more close-up photos and details of the parade units. He also talks to the Creative Director of the parade, Steve Davidson:


Please leave any comments/suggestions below. Did you see the parade online or in person? What was your favorite part? What did you think could use improvement?

 Thanks again for following along, and tell your “Disney” friends about the Blog!


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