My Introduction, and Why I Started This Blog

My first visits to Disneyland are somewhat foggy now as I was so young, but I knew even then that I felt a special connection to the park; I knew that it was a special place. I was born in the mid 70’s in a small rural community that was about 4 hours from Disneyland. We did not have much money growing up, but we took an almost annual trip to Disneyland from the time I was able to walk until about grade school. I was not as fortunate as some who were able to go do Disney on the slightest whim, but I quickly learned to appreciate the time I spent there with my family. Mom and Dad were always different when we were there. It was unlike any other vacation trips we ever took.

As I grew older, I moved with my family to Minnesota. We moved when I was a junior in High School, and our Disney trips had ended for the foreseeable future. I continued reading and learning about Disney World in Florida. The commercials had changed on TV since we had moved east of the Rockies, so even Disney had started enticing me to visit the other coast. As a senior, I found out that a national school organization who practiced mock business situations in competition (DECA) were going to have their national competition in Florida that year. After speaking with the advisors, learning that I would have win locally and regionally first, and getting a guarantee that I would be able to spend time in the Magic Kingdom, and more importantly, Epcot, if I made it to nationals, I joined. At the amazement of many, since the odds were against me, I made it to the national competition and got my first exposure to “The Mouse” in Florida.

That short visit only peaked my interest more, and from that point on I was obsessed with retuning. My next visit was for my Honeymoon right after college, then subsequent vacations with my spouse, and now our Daughter. I have also returned to Disneyland several times since the birth of our 5 year old, so I feel that I have an understanding of the differences in park environment between the coasts, and have seen Disney as a child, teenager, as part of a young childless couple, and now a parent. I follow many Disney bloggers and podcasts. I also like to do research on specific topics that peak my interest. My fascination with the parks comes more from the theming and the attractions than the characters or the movies, but having a 5 year old dictates that we spend time doing both.

In no way do I claim to be an expert in any Disney subject, or am some kind of always pro-Disney “Mommy Blogger”. I am just that guy who everyone comes to when they are going to Disney. I am always the one who yells at the TV when they are getting simple facts wrong about the parks. I am also that guy whose kid walks around singing “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and understands what an animatronic is. I have been lurking in the Disney Online Community for years, and finally decided that I would start a forum for myself to express my opinions about some issues related to Theme Parks, and not necessarily just Disney.

I feel that you can maintain some real connection to the parks a lot more easily than you used to. These days, when a new sign goes up near a bathroom in Epcot, its front page news, with photo documentation, for some of these super dedicated bloggers/podcasters. Unfortunately, I am not able to visit that often. Fortunately for me, there are people who practically visit every day to keep people like me feeling that connection. I hope to use this blog to give me an outlet to channel some of the “Disney” that is constantly in me, but I’m no pixie duster. I love them as much as they frustrate me at times.

Thank you to those of you who have taken time to read through my initial post. I have been working on several articles already, so I hope to continue to post on a regular basis. Please feel free to follow me on you social media outlet of choice.


2 thoughts on “My Introduction, and Why I Started This Blog

  1. Your wife let me know you are doing this blog. I’m excited to hear more about your vast knowledge of Disney and be able to learn from your experiences. I didn’t become a Disney “nut” until we had kids. Now we look forward to going every year!

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